“This beautiful place has given me so much. I’ve learned so much, not only about teaching, mentoring, and leading, but about life. This place taught me to live mindfully, to really look at the world. My whole experience in this world has changed. My confidence has just blossomed too. I know the list goes on, but this has been the most valuable thing for me because it is something I have always struggled with. I’ve learned to love myself in an entirely new way. I hope that some day in the future I can give back in some way to this beautiful place. So I want to thank you for organizing such a loving, structured and playful environment.”

– Former Golestan Teacher

Golestan isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life!  All staff enjoy the benefits of working in a kind, loving, and respectful environment, in addition to access to wholesale farm-fresh grass fed/pastured meat from Marin Sun Farms.

Full time employees receive other benefits such as >9 weeks of combined holiday and personal time off, as well as full healthcare benefits.  If you’re interested in joining this wonderful community, please send your resume  and cover letter to for consideration.

For positions working with children in our preschool program, candidates must:

  • Be fluent in Persian (Preschool and after school programs only, not primary school teachers).
  • Have an innate or acquired gift with children; compassionate, warm, playful, nurturing…
  • Possess a dedication to teaching young children proper Persian and Iranian culture.
  • Be kind, collaborative, warm, and conscientious – both with children and adults.

*These positions can be developed into an internship or practical training for academic credit.

Golestan is always looking for qualified substitute teachers for our head teachers and teacher’s aides. (see below for requirements)

We currently have the following open position(s):


Full time native English-speaking teacher for Golestan School

We are expanding our current preK/after school program into a full time primary school and are looking to hire a partner for our K-1* teacher for Fall 2018.

Mixed age (K + grade 1) multi-cultural class of ~15 children in a progressive independent school that follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.  We will provide IB training for candidates that aren’t certified.

We are looking for someone who values collaboration as a co-teacher and is creative and open to different ideas and trying new things.  Must connect well with kids, families, and colleagues of all backgrounds and be passionate about integrating curricular subjects into project-based thematic learning.

The ideal candidate must: 

– have a trans-disciplinary perspective for fully integrated hands on, inquiry-based, child centered approach to teaching
– have a minimum of two years experience in the classroom
– have a deep love of experiential outdoor learning
– have a hunger for learning (themselves) and teaching (kids)
– be interested in reflecting on and improving their practice
– be organized
– be open to feedback
– be open to creating an unconventional classroom environment that is uncluttered, simple, and beautiful
– be innovative and willing/able to think outside the box
– be able to go with the flow and handle sensitive dynamics
– be able to create community among students, families, and colleagues
– be deeply kind, warm, nurturing, and empathetic
– be passionate about developing their own curriculum and integrating with the IB framework in collaboration with colleagues across disciplines and language tracks
– be comfortable in a fluid and dynamic startup environment

Other preferred qualities: 

– experience teaching K-1 preferred
– teaching credential
– IB certification
– constructivist approach
– an affinity for the socratic method
– experience with developing emergent curriculum
– native fluency in a second or third language
– experience living in other countries

Our environment is very intimate and hands on, both with the children and with our colleagues.  We work very closely together across grades in a very loving, positive, and family-like setting.

For more information about our program, please click here.

Please email resume and cover letter to for immediate consideration.

*We may also be hiring a FT teacher for a mixed age grade 2-3 class.

  2. CHEF

Our kitchen is the heart of our school. At Golestan we nurture our children with love, kindness and also good food! We only serve whole foods, all meals and snacks are prepared in-house by our chef.The perfect position for someone experienced who is passionate about food, wants to be in a warm and loving environment, and wants to work half days (mornings).

 The job Description:  We are looking for someone kind and nurturing to prepare meals and snacks for our students. This person would be shopping and cooking meals for about 30 to 40 people Mon-Fri, except for 9 weeks in summer when they would be cooking for about 50 people. (The scope may change in September). Meals include lunch (one protein, one grain, two vegetables) and a hearty snack (hummus, veggies, bread, etc). S/he would also prepare food for monthly staff meetings and quarterly staff development days.

This job is anywhere between 5 to 6 hours per day on weekdays (including shopping), depending on the person and the season. This is a contract position.

Food philosophy and procurement: We serve balanced meals with fresh ingredients. Almost everything is made in-house (including bread and crackers). Our meat (pastured, grass fed) is delivered directly to the school from Marin Sun Farms. The chef is responsible for purchasing all other ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal/local some come from our garden (lettuce, herbs, cucumbers) and others from Monterey Market. The food is simple, organic, healthy, and wholesome; we only buy full fat milk and yogurt, for example. Nothing is processed and refined sugars are never used.

The perfect candidate: Most people love being in this positive and loving environment. Our kitchen is the heart of our school. While there is room for creative freedom to experiment, the food should be consistent with our basic principles. One thing our chefs have always enjoyed is that we teach the children about a new country every Friday on those days, our chef creates a meal from that country. This person would ideally be experienced and would be able to make simple, healthy, yet tasty foods. Must have a sense of portions so as not to leave people hungry while not wasting food. The budget is tight, so being resourceful, especially when it comes to sourcing food, is key. Someone with a relationship with local farms would be great.

Golestan is a very loving and nurturing family-like environment and this person would become an integral part of our family. For this reason, we’re looking for the following personal qualities:

Resourceful and creative
Even tempered, respectful, and kind
Warm, nurturing, and positive disposition
Collaborative and communicative
Able to go with the flow and receive feedback gracefully.
Able to share space and work comfortable in close quarters

Children’s palates are sensitive and sometimes hard to predict. This person must be able to receive feedback with grace and implement changes accordingly.


After going through a volunteer stage, qualified candidates can become substitute teachers. Substitutes announce their weekly availability and based on that they will be called in to substitute. However the substitute’s available hours need to be either from 9:00 to 3:00 or 2:00 to 6:00.

Substitute teachers are required to be familiar with the routines and methods of Golestan.  They are expected to manage the class with the same level of professionalism as the regular teachers.


  • a minimum of 1 years’ experience working with groups of children; in the United States
  • warm, kind, and empathetic;
  • able to connect with children in a playful and loving manner;
  • able to exhibit authority in the classroom while maintaining above qualities;
  • open to feedback and highly communicative;
  • Completed at least 6 units of early childhood education; preferred
  • fluent in Persian and English;

We are looking for substitute teachers for both our preschool program and our afterschool program.

Please send resumes  and cover letters for all positions to


“I love this place and am so happy to be here.  It is my second home.  Like my second family.  Everyone is so nice – the staff, the parents.  I never thought I could ever work in a place with this type of environment.  I miss it on my days off – I just love it here.”

– Non-Iranian Golestan staff