“This beautiful place has given me so much. I’ve learned so much, not only about teaching, mentoring, and leading, but about life. This place taught me to live mindfully, to really look at the world. My whole experience in this world has changed. My confidence has just blossomed too. I know the list goes on, but this has been the most valuable thing for me because it is something I have always struggled with. I’ve learned to love myself in an entirely new way. I hope that some day in the future I can give back in some way to this beautiful place. So I want to thank you for organizing such a loving, structured and playful environment.”

– Former Golestan Teacher

Golestan isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life!  All staff enjoy the benefits of working in a kind, loving, and respectful environment, in addition to access to wholesale farm-fresh grass fed/pastured meat from Marin Sun Farms.

Full time employees receive other benefits such as >9 weeks of combined holiday and personal time off, as well as full healthcare benefits.  If you’re interested in joining this wonderful community, please send your resume  and cover letter to for consideration.

For positions working with children, candidates must:

  • Be fluent in Persian (Farsi).
  • Have an innate or acquired gift with children; compassionate, warm, playful, nurturing…
  • Possess a dedication to teaching young children proper Persian (Farsi) and Iranian culture.
  • Be kind, collaborative, warm, and conscientious – both with children and adults.

*These positions can be developed into an internship or practical training for academic credit.

Golestan is always looking for qualified substitute teachers for our head teachers and teacher’s aides.

We currently have the following open position(s):


We are excited to search for our newest partner in the expansion of the Golestan Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education (Golestan Education).

The Interim Development Director is a key consultant and is the lead fundraiser responsible for expanding, diversifying and growing Golestan’s donor base. The position requires the ability to develop and implement an ambitious and creative strategic development plan for a major capital campaign within six months.

For more information about this position, please click here.

Please send resumes  and cover letters for all positions to


“I love this place and am so happy to be here.  It is my second home.  Like my second family.  Everyone is so nice – the staff, the parents.  I never thought I could ever work in a place with this type of environment.  I miss it on my days off – I just love it here.”

– Non-Iranian Golestan staff