What Do Parents Think?

Parent Surveys and Reports:

Golestan prides itself as an organization that is responsive to its families and staff.  To that end, we gather feedback from our families on an ongoing bases through anecdotally and with more formal methods throughout the year. Every two to three years we also conduct a thorough survey to gauge parent satisfaction with our program.  Surveying parents is a viable means of evaluating our families’ general level of satisfaction, as well as their individual needs. It is also a good opportunity to hear new and innovative suggestions for ways to improve our program.

In April 2015 Golestan invited its students’ parents to participate in a survey to help them evaluate their satisfaction in different areas related to the school. The survey is administered  anonymously.  Below is the link to the 2015 parent survey report.

 Golestan 2015 Parent Survey Report

Parent Testimonials:

“The positive reinforcement that exists at Golestan is a breath of fresh air. The staff! every single person has the right approach of giving, and that’s an understatement, the school is filled with pure love, kindness along with compassion, confidence that is truly irreplaceable.”

“Seeing how much my children love to go to school and the incredible greeting they receive from the friends and teachers is truly special.”

“The language development has been mind blowing. Our kids have such an incredible vocabulary and are able to connect with Iranian relatives in ways I could never have imagined because they share the language and even know the same songs. It’s beautiful and powerful”

-“The teachers radiate kindness and affection towards the children and the children adopt these attitudes towards each other. They learn how to resolve their own conflicts. They are amazingly empathetic towards others (friends, strangers, animals, plants and insects! The children are taught to be comfortable with the heritage without necessarily thinking of themselves a different or special. The children are appreciated for their individual uniqueness but not over-valued in a way that encourages narcissism.”

“The fresh food that is prepared each day for these children is fabulous!”

“Golestan strikes a great balance between honoring heritage culture while embracing the modern sensibilities of Berkeley and Bay Area culture. You have also created a vibrant and supportive community that has become a key part of our family’s life. We treasure this and feel blessed to be a part of it.”