Prospective Parent Information Page

Want to find all relevant information for prospective parents on one page? 

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Thank you for your interest in Golestan!  

We have so much to share about our special school.  Want to know where you can find important information about our program before (or after) you come for your tour?  Below are some links you may find useful:

  • Our Play Policy: we take play and exposing our students to healthy risk very very seriously.  
  • Golestan’s Guide to Teaching: First and foremost, our teachers must be kind, compassionate, and nurturing.  We work hard to develop a standard across grades at our school.  To that end, we use this guide as a starting point for training all teachers and volunteers.  Many parents find this document to be very useful at home as well!
  • Current Parent Handbook: Most questions are answered in our parent handbook, including how we deal with separation, your rights as parents, and our general expectations from this collaboration (raising your kids together!).
  • Academic Calendar:  Even if your child isn’t enrolled this year, our current calendar can give you a good sense of our usual days of operation and closures.
  • Admissions Process : Pre-K/ Elementary/ After School/ Summer camp 
  • Tuition Information: The elementary school tuition can be found here. This current year’s preschool tuition is available online.  Please note, tuition increases by 3-6% each year.  About 10% of our operating budget is dedicated to tuition assistance.  All families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance, even if you think you do not qualify.  Please view the tuition section of our Admissions process.
  • Transdisciplinary Learning through Themed Curriculum: 
  • Our Food Philosophy: Our kitchen is the heart of our school.  Learn more about what we feed our kids and all the great local places from which we source our food.
  • The Golestan Colab: While our kitchen is the heart of Golestan, the Colab is the soul of our organization. We’ve developed all our systems and materials in a sharable format so that we can work with educators all over the world.  We promote a culture of giving by providing hands-on support and resources all pro-bono.  The only requirement is that participants pay it forward by supporting other educators and communities.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We teach by example.  As such, it is our job to set a positive model for our kids so that they may be the ones to create a safe and healthy planet for generations to come.