At Golestan, we value nature, kindness, creativity, diligence, curiosity, and responsibility.

With the encouragement of altruism and empathy, we strive to foster a community of confident, caring, and compassionate children that value Iranian culture while being responsible and inspiring citizens of our ever-changing, multi-cultural world.

Golestan applies a heuristic approach to teaching and a holistic approach to living.  From the rich lesson plans, to the wholesome foods the children eat, every detail has been thought out and is practiced with the utmost authenticity.

This is a full immersion program. While no English is ever spoken at the school, this is not a language program. The children become native Persian speakers by being fully immersed in this nurturing and loving environment, not through direct instruction.

Golestan Kids offers three programs: daily preschool program, after school program and a summer camp program. To learn more about each program click on the links.


“Golestan is not just a preschool.  It’s a way of life.  The fact that they learn Persian is just icing on the cake.”

– Golestan Preschool Program Parent