Kindergarten/grade 1 Teacher, Brook Pessin-Whedbee.


Brook Pessin-Whedbee has been teaching Kindergarten to 3rd grade at Rosa Parks Elementary School in Berkeley since 2009.  Before that, she worked in Oakland public schools for three years as a Kindergarten and Intervention Teacher.  She was Co-director and Founder of Lemon Tree Summer Outdoor Art Camp for six years and spent two years as a Malaria Educator in Mali, West Africa.

In the past two years, Brook has been spending more time outside the classroom supervising teaching candidates at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, and at Rosa Parks as a Reading Intervention Specialist.

 Brook has a BA in Psychology and Sociology and an MA and Credential from UC Berkeley Developmental Teacher Ed.  She has served as a member of Lead Team, Equity Team, Welcoming Schools Team, and Academic Support & Coaching Team at Rosa Parks Elementary. She is also the founder of Gender Inclusive Schools Alliance for BUSD and author of Who Are You?: The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity.  Most importantly, Brook is a proud mama of three children, ages 5, 7, and 9.

Brook looks forward to being back in the classroom and building community with her students.  She will be adding International Baccalaureate certification to her many credentials before the start of the 2018 school year.

Kindergarten/grade 1 Teacher, Nessa Mahmoudi.

Photo credit: Bryan Farley

Nessa Mahmoudi has been teaching in public schools in the East Bay since she moved to the Bay Area in 2008. For the last 8 years she has been working as a Spanish dual-immersion teacher at Melrose Leadership Academy in East Oakland. She has taught first through third grades there, and has also served as the school’s lead science teacher, a teacher coach, and professional development facilitator. She has been on the school design team, instructional leadership team and led the work to build school culture and climate using Restorative Justice principles.

Nessa also served as the director of Global Learning, a grassroots educational non-profit in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico which connected local and global volunteers to collaborate with public school children and their families. She remains very connected to the community in Nicaragua, where she met her husband, and continues to collaborate with teachers there to connect their classrooms.

Nessa has a BA in Art History and Spanish/Latin American Culture from New York University and an MA and bilingual teaching credential from UC Berkeley’s Developmental Teacher Education program. She also attended North Carolina School of the Arts to study ballet and contemporary dance.

In Spring 2016, Nessa traveled to New Zealand as part of the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program. She spent time observing and interviewing indigenous Maori teachers in bilingual schools to learn how they incorporate both Maori language, but also Maori cultures, values and worldview into their curriculum. This inquiry project drew Nessa to the work at Golestan and she is looking forward to having the space to learn and grow as an early childhood educator.

She lives in Oakland with her husband and their one year old daughter, Mitra, who can babble in three languages!

 Physical Education Teacher, Nitzan Yerovam.

Nitzan Yerovam was born and raised in Israel and has been living in the Bay Area for twenty years.  He played soccer for CCSF and has been coaching soccer since 2007.  He is a certified soccer referee and soccer coach (D national certificate).

In 2013, Nitzan founded Soccer2together with the vision of bringing people together to build community and life skills through games and sports, with a focus on basic motor skills, collaboration, confidence, and team building in a relaxed and nurturing environment.  He has been working with kids from preschool to adulthood.
Nitzan has either coached or taught Physical Education at the following schools:
-Rosa Parks Elementary
-Washington Elementary
-Hickman charter school
-Visions in Education Charter School
Nitzan speaks fluent English and Hebrew, and has eight years of Arabic language education.  He lives in Berkeley with his wife and two children.
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