At the core of our program is the philosophy that natural materials in a simple, soothing and structured environment create a place where children can thrive. About 80% of our teaching materials are Montessori based. Our aesthetics, affinity for all that is natural and not branded, and emphasis on natural rhythms, imaginative play, and storytelling are directly borrowed from Waldorf philosophies; while our emergent curriculum driven by the students’ personal interests is influenced by Reggio teaching principles.

The entire school (from toddlers to after schoolers) follows a monthly theme schedule. These themes are designed to lead into each other for a rich and profound understanding of the world we live in.  By the time a child graduates from Golestan, s/he will have a deep breadth of knowledge that goes above and beyond standard Kindergarten preparedness.

The Preschool program for 2 to 4.9 years focuses on teaching empathy, sharing, role-playing, and the development of good listening and communication skills. The children also develop social and self-help skills in a warm and encouraging environment.

Music is an important part of the preschooler’s day. Singing songs and poems with creative movement helps children learn language while expressing themselves physically; they also develop an understanding of pitch, rhythm, and movement.

Practical life activities such as sorting, pouring, and manipulating are daily activities for the children. Our art program is exceptionally rich and exciting. Children learn to work with different media (water colors, tempera, collage, pastels, etc) by fully exploring each of them such that they are able to understand how each looks and feels. Art projects are never product driven, rather the richness of the experience is in the journey itself.  Weekly science and nature classes help to further support a child’s deep understanding of the world we live in.

“When I found Golestan, I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of the program design, the careful attention to how each detail fosters the children’s development, and the pure joy that I witnessed from both the children and teachers at the school.”

– Golestan Parent