We know that our children are our future, and as such we must help them become well-informed, compassionate, and multilingual citizens with integrity and a firm cultural foundation. Education, be it linguistic, intellectual, social, or cultural, is a necessary part of helping children become this type of citizen.

We began this program in 2006 because we had a great need and nothing like it existed anywhere in the United States.

The mission of our organization is multifold:

Golestan Education:
Golestan Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education (Golestan Education) supports the development of curious, innovative, and compassionate children through experiential and reflective learning, with a focus on heritage language immersion and cultural education. Golestan Education carries out its mission through Golestan Kids (the school) and the Golestan Colab.

Golestan Kids (the school):
The mission of Golestan Kids is to give children a deep understanding and respect for the world they live in through hands-on activities that are guided by a rich and comprehensive curriculum; the children are fully immersed in Persian language and Iranian culture, while being in a positive and nurturing environment.

Golestan Colab:
The Golestan Colab empowers and supports educators, parents, and communities to create their ideal learning environment for children by offering consultancy and resources in the following areas: 1) the integration and application of hands-on and experiential learning practices and approaches 2) language immersion and cultural education.

“I have been part of the Golestan family for 6 months now and from my own experience I can say that Golestan kids are different from other kids. They are the most confident, caring, and compassionate group of children that value the Iranian culture, nature, kindness, creativity, curiosity and are bound to be responsible citizens of our ever-changing, multi-cultural world.”

– Golestan Teacher

 What use is a tray of flowers? Flowers last but five days or six
The joy of this Golestan (garden of flowers) will last a lifetime

– Saadi