The mission of Golestan Education is to support the development of curious, creative, and altruistic children through experiential and heuristic learning, with a special focus on heritage language immersion and cultural education. Golestan Education aims to do this through the following offerings:

Golestan Kids:  The mission of Golestan Kids is to give children a deep understanding and respect for the world they live in, through hands-on activities in our recreational program.  The child’s entire experience is guided by a rich and comprehensive curriculum.  At Golestan, the children are fully immersed in Persian language and Iranian culture, while being in a positive and nurturing environment.

Golestan Colab:  The Golestan Colab empowers and supports educators, parents, and communities to create their ideal learning environment for children by offering pro-bono consultancy and resources in the following areas: 1) the integration and application of hands-on and experiential learning practices and approaches, and 2) language immersion and cultural education.

For more information about our Colab services and projects please visit our Colab page.

 What use is a tray of flowers? Flowers last but five days or six
The joy of this Golestan (garden of flowers) will last a lifetime

– Saadi