Our Approach to Food

Our kitchen is the heart of our school.

At Golestan we nurture our children with love, kindness and also good food! We only serve whole foods – all meals and snacks are prepared in-house by our chef. We even bake our own crackers and bread.  All our ingredients are fresh, organic and to the extent possible, local. All our meat is grass fed and pastured/free range, delivered directly from Marin Sun Farms. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal/local – some come from our garden (lettuce, herbs, kale, cucumbers…) and others from the farmer’s market or Monterrey Market.

Our preschoolers eat a light morning snack (mostly seasonal fruits), lunch, and at least one afternoon snack. Our after-schoolers have one hearty snack/meal when they arrive.  Excluding snacks, each meal we serve must have one protein, one grain, and at least two vegetables. We only serve full fat organic dairy products, our yogurt comes from Strauss Family Creamery.


photo 2

    snack time at Golestan


At Golestan, we promote healthy and conscientious habits from an early age; this includes eating habits. We continually expose them to different ingredients and flavors so that they may develop a palette that is open to a variety of tastes. The children sit around the table with their teachers and enjoy family–style meals.

One thing our chefs have always enjoyed is that we teach the children about a new country every Friday – on those days, our chef creates a full meal from that country!

Please check our blog often for recipes and ideas.