Established in 2008, Golestan has been pushing the envelope on hands-on learning and incorporating natural playscapes in children’s learning environments through partnerships worldwide. Today, we have expanded our model program into a full time PreK-5th grade elementary school.

As we fulfill our commitment to global citizenship, we are building a new campus to support multicultural, nature-based, interactive learning.  This idyllic new school continues to serve as a model for educators worldwide.  

We need to raise $4 million to adapt the old St. Jerome School to make it habitable and beautiful again.

Thank you for joining us in building the next generation of learning spaces for the next generation of children!

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Partner Organizations


Indoor/Outdoor Classrooms

International Baccalaureate Program

Multiple Language Immersion Tracks

Maker’s Lab + Wood Shop

Science + Innovator's Lab

Mobile Library

Athletics Field

Track + Elaborate Obstacle Courses

Organic + Local + Seasonal Food

Farm with Fruit + Vegetables + Animals

Fully Equipped Cooking Lab/Classroom

Natural Creek + Watersheds

Indoor/Outdoor Art Studio with Bay Views

Music Studio + Performance Theater

And much much more!

Master Plan

Click on the highlighted sections to learn more about the different areas.

Entrance Plaza

• Mature Olive Tree

• Wood or Wire Sculpture

• Climbing stumps

• 5-foot tall vertical climbing logs


• Two rows of trees

• Emergency access

• ADA Ramp

• Running water fountain

• Gate

Water Play Area

• Hand pump releases water into natural materials creek – soil, stones, and plants that are watered by the play activities

• Creek also receives runoff from the basketball court to slow and clean the water

• Water from play is recycled into the farm for irrigation

• 2 bins near water play to store waterproof pants, boots, water equipment

Pre-K, K Play Area

• Fence is composed of moveable bins

• Hay Bales & Cobb Domes

• Raised veggie beds and olive tree(s)

• Weaving and Music walls

Shade Pavilion

• Outdoor classroom with hammocks

• Reading nest adjacent

Indoor/Outdoor Art Room

Tables on wheels

Outdoor Classrooms

Each lower grade class (PreK to Grade 1) will have it’s own private indoor/outdoor classroom with retractable walls for seamless access and flow

Sports Court Area

• Junior Basketball Hoop

• Wall Ball

• Four Square

• Mural wall along building

Mound/Climbing Area

• Rope bridge, vertical buried logs

• Climbing stumps and logs buried into mound

Lawn/Soccer and Basketball Area

Benches for spectators

Obstacle Course & Track

• Rope tunnels

• Stumps, rocks, balance beams and other obstacles

Water Play Area

In the water play area, runoff from the asphalt court and part of the roof will travel into the water play creek. The swale mimics a natural creek and is made of soil, sand, stone, plants, and logs. Students will have a chance to learn about how the soil and plants, and the living biota in the soil, clean and remove pollution from runoff. They will also be able to participate and manipulate the physical processes of erosion, hydrology and gravity by pumping water and moving the soil and stone. Water, a precious resource, will flow through the creek to feed riparian trees and plantings along the edges.

Cobb Domes

Sand Box & Flower Garden


Pre-K & K Courtyard

• Wood, rocks & ropes for climbing

• Pathway

• Rain barrels & gardens, water sculptures

Composting Bins

Animal Enclosure

Chicken & Sheep

Tool Shed

Outdoor Kitchen

Pizza oven & outdoor kitchen


Table for meals and projects

Edible School Yard

Raised so far!
Raised 34%

What Your Donation Supports

$10 To $500

Art Supplies

Science Lab Supplies

Cooking & Garden Supplies



Musical Instruments 

Teaching Kitchen Equipment


Computer Equipment

Playground Equipment 

Maker’s Lab



ADA Accessibility

Classroom Lofts

Naming Opportunities

TILE: $2k-50k Donations

When you donate $2k-50k, you will have a dedicated commemoration in the entrance path or around the olive tree dedicated to you or your person/place of choice.

TREE: $50k-200k Donations

When you donate $50k-200k a tree will be planted in honor of you or a person/place of your choice with a dedicated plaque.

CLASSROOM: $200k-600k Donations

When you donate $200k-600k, you will have a classroom dedicated to you or your person/place of choice with a dedicated plaque.

CUSTOM COMMEMORATION $600k - 1 Million+ Donations

When you donate $600k to $1 million+ you will have a significant section of our school dedicated to you or your person/place of choice. 

Examples include a fruit orchard on our farm, our Innovation Lab, or the Gathering Pavilion.

Please email to discuss naming opportunities at this level.

Donor Matching Program

As a special bonus, we have partnered with an incredibly generous donor who is willing to match 25% of every donation up to $1.6M!

More Information About Golestan


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