Thank you for helping Golestan create an idyllic school and fulfill its mission in helping other communities create similar programs!

If you feel a connection with our mission, please consider supporting us with a tax deductible donation*:

  • Donations can be made toward our Colab work, a special project, or operating costs.    Donations can be sent to Golestan Kids, 1808 5th Street, Berkeley 94710, or online with a credit card here:

  • Sponsorship of a child: Make a one year commitment to support a child’s enrollment at Golestan, and help a family experience a rich and fulfilling educational experience. Your generous monthly gift will be turned into a scholarship to be awarded to one or more children based on financial need.  For more information, please email
  • In 2013, Golestan launched a capital campaign to buy our idyllic building before someone else bought it from under us.   Thanks to our incredibly generous community, Golestan is now a sustainable institution that will educate many generations of bicultural children that are confident, altruistic, and thoughtful citizens of our planet.  Today, we are gearing up for our expansion into primary school.  Please consider supporting our new capital campaign.
  • purchase from our site (below): Golestan is part of an affiliate program whereby any sale at originating from the Golestan website will earn us 5-15% of your order. So be sure to bookmark our site and enter from here! An email asking all your friends and family to do the same will also go a long way!