“What is amazing is their generosity in giving advice and sharing all their experiences with other emerging Schools, concentrating on the education of bicultural children, including their progressive curriculum. During my 2-day visit to the school, I was warmly greeted by both the director of the program and all the teachers at Golestan. Apart from observing their wonderful classes, I had a chance to have several thought provoking engaging conversations, through which I gained much insight and help in further improving my own work in teaching bicultural children.

I found this invaluable collaborative spirit, so encouraging and inspiring, and I’m sure it will eventually give rise to many more remarkable language immersion programs. Golestan is indeed an inspiration for other language immersion programs all across the country.”

Aitak Azhang, Founder Yekibood Children, NYC/CT/VA 


Golestan continues to be the only school of its kind in the country. With growing national interest in the program, we have received countless requests for help from communities interested in starting similar schools. The organization feels strongly about helping other communities, and developed the Colab in order to provide support and expertise to all families and educators interested in the Golestan methodologies and pedagogy.

As the school’s pedagogy evolved, we received many requests for consultation from educators outside of the language immersion world.  As a result, the Colab’s mission has expanded to help all educators promote and incorporate progressive and positive teaching methodologies.

The Colab also produces teaching materials modeled after its curriculum. It researches best practices in bilingualism and child development and offers pro bono consulting to individuals and schools either building language immersion programs or progressive programs for children.

Communities we have worked with:

  • Cities that are working with the Colab to develop (or have developed) Persian immersion schools include:  Toronto, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Irvine, Chicago, New York City and the Bay Area communities of Walnut Creek, San Mateo, Mountain View, and Marin County.
  • The Colab has also worked with other communities including American, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, Ethiopian, Jewish, Armenian, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, and Afghan communities have also used our school as a model for their own emerging schools.
  • More recently, the Colab has been working with communities in underdeveloped countries to build schools for orphans and underprivileged children.  These communities include Nepal, Cambodia, India, and Iran.  More pictures of a recent project in Nepal, click here.

For a list of active Colab projects, click here.

The following is a full list of Colab offerings:

  1.  Online resource (in development) for bilingual families with articles and tips on how to successfully raise children whom are fluent in more than one language. This includes recommended resources, books, audio books, and CDs. These resources are intended to help parents and educators create an environment to support their efforts in raising bilingual children.
  2. Golestan Collective (workshops, film screenings etc) with other language immersion programs nationwide (including Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, etc) for developing best teaching practices and shared resources. Please email Colab@GolestanKids.com for more information.
  3. Teaching materials, including audiobooks (first one released March 2013), books, and digital curricula.
  4. Support for other communities in need of a similar programs for children including advice, shared resources, and curricula – this includes pro-bono consulting and onsite visits. Please email Colab@GolestanKids.com for more information.

Below is a list of schools that are currently active in the Golestan Collective in the bi-monthly virtual meetings.

“Golestan has become an institution that Bay Area Iranian-Americans can be proud of. Every detail has been carefully planned. With their support, guidance, and encouragement, I am opening my own ‘Golestan-inspired’ program and getting tremendous positive feedback from the community.”

- Baleen Bahmanian Shemirani, Co-founder Boostan Kids Persian Immersion preschool, San Mateo CA.