Golestan Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education

The mission of Golestan Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education (Golestan Education) is to support the development of curious, creative, and altruistic children through experiential and heuristic learning, with a special focus on heritage language immersion and cultural education. Golestan Education aims to do this through the following offerings:

1. Daily Persian/Farsi full language immersion program (in Berkeley California):

  1. Preschool: Ages 2 to 4.9 years – click here for more info.
  2. After school: Ages K to 6th grade – click here for more info.
  3. Summer camp: Ages K to 6th grade – click here for more info.

We are currently accepting applications for our preschool program.  Even though there is a waitlist for our preschool program, it is hard to predict how many waitlisted families are no longer able to send their child to Golestan once their child is of preschool age.  For more information, please email info@golestanKids.com.

2. The Golestan Collaborative (Colab)

The Golestan Collaborative (Colab) is a consultancy and resource center that provides support and expertise to all communities interested in the Golestan methodologies and pedagogy. It produces teaching materials, shares literature and research on the subjects of child development and bilingualism, and offers consulting to individuals and schools building progressive schools of all languages.

For more information about our Colab services and projects please visit our Colab page.
Click here to learn more about the Golestan Stories AudiobookA Golestan Colab production, Golestan Stories is a collection of ten original and adapted stories written and narrated in Persian.

3. Primary School – Coming soon!!   For more information click here.


NEW!  February 1, 2016 - Golestan is proud to announce that it has been selected as a “pioneering Changemaker School” by Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.

Ashoka has recognized our school for the work we do to empower children with the skills they need to be changemakers in our rapidly changing world. Specifically, Golestan was selected for serving as a model for cultivating empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

Not only is this a huge honor for our organization, but our preschool was the first early education program to be nominated (and later selected) as a Changemaker School.

For more information on Ashoka, please click here.

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“I am a firm supporter of the Golestan school even though my own kids don’t go there. The only reason they don’t is because we don’t have a school like [this] in Los Angeles where I live.  When I visited the school I was so impressed with the progressive way in which they taught and the level of the kids’ fluency in Persian.  I honestly considered moving my family to Berkeley just so my kids could go to this school.”

– Maz Jobrani, Actor & Comedian